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what the fuck do you want


what the fuck do you want

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Chingy - Right Thurr

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Finally people are realizing that a guy saying 

"We’re pregnant"

Sounds absolutely fucking ABSURD.

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I was such a smart little fucker in 6th grade. 

One day I failed a test and we were required to write a note to our parents telling them we failed and have them sign it.

So I approached my mom with a blank piece of paper telling her that I was starting a new hobby of “collecting signatures” and I wanted hers to be the first one.

She signed the blank paper and I wrote the fucking note afterwards and gave it to my teacher.

my city <3

omg now theres

"minimal soft ghetto"


these hot fries got me feelin some type a way

2 dolla bag




each taken a few hours apart ✈

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